With e-signum, adopt digital stamping and online file management

e-signum is an innovative, intuitive and flexible solution to facilitate the communication of exhibits for litigation purposes. It is a web application that allows you to create online a personal stamp and to place it, with a numbering and bookmarks, on exhibits. The exhibits can then be downloaded as a single file or as an exhibit per file, with a list of the exhibits.

File merging, file management for lawyers

Simple and intuitive


Create your digital stamp


Number and stamp your exhibits


Easily download your exhibits

Stamp creation

Specify the content of the upper arc, the content of the lower arc and let the tool work for you! The font size automatically adjusts to the length of your text. It is possible to download your stamp in PNG format for external use.

Numbering, stamping and merging

e-signum’s solution is very easy to use and has many options to adapt to your work habits. 3 in 1, all in a simple drag and drop!

Enjoy a full-featured interface to stamp and, on option, merge your exhibits.

You will also be able to manage different families of exhibits (e.g. exhibits no 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, then no 2-1, 2-2, then 3, 4, etc.).

  • Upload and order your supporting documents with a simple drag and drop,
  • Customize the size and location of your stamp or the way your exhibits are numbered,
  • Download your exhibits as a single PDF file with each exhibit identified by a bookmark, or as a an exhibit by PDF file.

The documents generated comply with the legal, regulatory and ethical obligations of French lawyers, as well as with the specifications of the RPVA and Télérecours.

A fully online service, confidentiality and security assured

Original files stored on temporary files and encrypted for the strict runtime of the script

A password can be added on request to the stamped and-merged exhibits

Storage until downloading and for a maximum of 10 minutes before definitive deletion

Flexible pricing adaptable to your needs

Free version

Available to any user
creating an account

"Individual" licence

For individuals using
only one stamp

9.90€ excl. VAT/month of use

i.e. 11.88€ incl. VAT/month of use

"Firm" licence

For professionals who need a library of stamps

19.90€ excl. VAT/month of use

i.e. 23.88€ incl. VAT/month of use

"Pay-as-you-use" offers (no subscription required if you aren’t sure that you will have a recurring need for the product)

for your occasional needs

1 case file

0,99€ excl. VAT

5 case files

3,99€ excl. VAT

1 stamp

2,99€ excl. VAT
(without watermark)

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