About us

Our project

Corentin Soucacheta lawyer at the Paris Bar, et Franck Carpentier, lawyer at the Paris Bar and Doctor of Law, have handled a number of litigation cases. In this context, they had to produce exhibits, sometimes in large quantities and within tight deadlines.

They found that there was no satisfactory automated solution to assist them in the preparation of the exhibits. For each communication, it was necessary:

  • To print the exhibits to be produced,
  • To stamp the pages of each exhibit with an ink stamp,
  • To number the pages of each exhibit,
  • To scan each exhibit with a photocopier,
  • To assign a bookmark to the first page of each exhibit,
  • To merge all the exhibits into a single document,
  • To prepare a list of the exhibits.

These tasks are time consuming. We estimate that the average time to prepare the communication of 50 exhibits* is one hour.

Corentin and Franck wanted to develop a reliable tool to simplify the preparation of the exhibits and reduce the time they had to spend on it.

Meeting with Rémi Windeck, an independent developer and graphic designer, enabled them to make this project a reality, in the form of an intuitive and flexible web application.

That’s how e-signum was born!

Corentin, Franck and Rémi now wish to share this tool to the whole profession.

Our commitments: efficiency, confidentiality, security

The e-signum application has been designed by legal professionals. The respect of the lawyer’s obligations is at the heart of its development.

Thus, we are commited:

  • To the respect of legal, regulatory and deontological provisions relating to the communication of exhibits,
  • Taking into account the specifications of the RPVA (“Réseau Privé Virtuel des Avocats” – the French virtual private network for lawyers) and Télérecours,
  • The respect of the confidentiality of the documents and their protection, at the request of the user, by a password known only to him/her,
  • Compliance with the latest safety standards,
  • For the exclusive use of servers based in France,
  • To domicile our activity in France and to apply European and French legislation, particularly in terms of data protection or taxation,
  • To guarantee the low cost of using the application.

We remain at your disposal for any further information. Do not hesitate to visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and to contact us via the contact form or at contact@e-signum.fr.* We have estimated that it takes 25 seconds to prepare each page of a set of exhibits to be communicated. Thus, for a file of 50 documents comprising an average of 3 pages each, we estimate that it takes nearly an hour to prepare their communication.