Free version

Available to any user creating an account

Premium version

Only 9,90€ excl. VAT/month of use

i.e. 11,88€ incl. VAT/month of use

No charge for inactivity

No need to commit to using the product over a certain period of time

Pre-publishing tool (optimization of double-sided printing) included

Up to 2 stamp modifications

Stamps with watermark for download

Up to 2 case files generated

Up to 5 stamp modifications by month

Stamps without watermark available to download

Unlimited number of case files generated per month

"Pay-as-you-use" offers (no subscription required if you aren’t sure that you will have a recurring need for the product)

1 case file

0,99€ excl. VAT

5 case files

3,99€ excl. VAT

1 stamp

2,99€ excl. VAT
(without watermark)