Release of version 1.0!

Dear subscribers,

It’s back to school! And e-signum offers you new features. We have indeed devoted the last few months to develop our application. We have taken your suggestions into account and are very happy to propose the following evolutions today:

1. Support for images

To make the use of e-signum even simpler and more intuitive, the application now supports photos and images. Thus it is possible to upload exhibits in the following formats in addition to the pdf format:

Support for other formats is being integrated.

2. Pre-publishing, to simplify printing of your exhibits on both sides

We have developed a new free tool that optimizes the double-sided printing of the exhibits. This tool automatically adds a blank page before each exhibit starting on an even page. So two exhibits are never together on the same sheet and in one click your double-sided printing will be perfect.

3. Simplified stamp download

We have evolved e-signum’s interface so that you can simply retrieve your stamps for use outside the application. Downloading with a watermark identifying e-signum is unlimited for everyone. The premium offer or the purchase of a stamp removes this watermark.

4. Simplified management of subscriptions and purchases

In order to make e-signum always more readable, we have redesigned your user area. You now have access to a new, clearer and simpler dashboard: at a glance, you can assess your situation!

5. A revised and enriched price offer

We always offer you a free offer with two case files and two stamp designs as well as a premium offer. In addition, e-signum now also “pay-as-you-use” offers for those who do not have the benefit of the premium offer:

  • 0,99€ excl. VAT per file
  • 3,99€ excl. VAT for 5 files

In addition, it is possible to purchase a digital stamp for €2.99 excluding VAT.
The sidebar interface has also evolved to allow you to quickly view the number of folders and stamps still available.

6. Implementation of an instant chat

In order to be always more reactive, the e-signum team has set up a chat: you can now reach us even more easily. Of course, it is always possible to reach us by e-mail.

We thank you for your feedback on how the application works. Our team remains open to any new suggestion. Remain assured that we are continuing to develop e-signum in order to provide you with the best possible support.

See you soon,
The e-signum team Corentin, Franck and Rémi