The specialized press talks about e-signum

The website J’aime Les Startups took the time to exchange with the e-signum team to devote a few lines to our digital stamp solution in order to know us better.

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What do you offer?
E-signum is a legatech dedicated to legal professionals who offer to simplify, through a web application, the communication of their documents by integrating a digital stamp service.

What need do you meet (Why do your clients need your product/service)?
We meet the need of legal professionals to focus on high value-added tasks that make their added value.
Administrative tasks are thus shortened, thus generating more turnover.

What technologies do you use?
We have developed a web application ourselves that meets our needs.


How did you get the idea?
Thought up by lawyers, e-signum aims to allow legal professionals to save precious time by simplifying the communication of documents.
These documents are automatically stamped and numbered, the communication slip is automatically generated, and printouts are optimized.

What convinced you to launch and create this project?
We wanted to offer our colleagues a simple and efficient tool that allowed us to save precious time and free ourselves from time-consuming tasks.

How long have you been working on this project?
The project is one year old.


What is your core target?
The core target is at first lawyers. In a second step, we hope to reach all legal professions.

How will you make yourself known to your clients?
We rely on a network of users who are satisfied with our services and we are developing a digital communication strategy in connection with the various bars that support us.

What is the business model? How do you make money?
e-signum works on the principle of freemium: two case files can be processed free of charge and beyond that several offers are possible, depending on the needs of the users.
A paid subscription, billed only for the months used, gives unlimited access to our functions for 9.90 € (excl. VAT).
There are also file-based offers: at 0.99 € excl. VAT for one case file and 3.99 € excl. VAT for 5 case files.
The digital stamp can be purchased individually for 2, 99 € excl. VAT.


Who are your main competitors? (Yes, there is always a competitor)

What are your advantages over your competitors (you are entitled to a joker for this question)?
The existence of a web application that makes us usable anywhere, anytime, on any workstation. The possibility of having a single account for the entire firm. The low price.
We are the only web application in this field thought by lawyers for lawyers: the deontology of the profession is respected and we do our best to follow the evolutions in dematerialized communication.

How do you stand out from your competitors?
We do not require the installation of any software, our users only pay when they use the service. There are no unpleasant surprises in terms of billing.


What are the plans for your startup (resale, Ipo, nothing)?
We would like to continue to develop our business and have prospects for commercial partnerships with more important legaltechs who do not have an equivalent service.

What are your needs?
To gain visibility.

Where do you see your startup in a year?
Leader in this niche sector of legaltechs: we have made rapid progress in terms of visibility and customer satisfaction, which allows us to approach the coming year with optimism.

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