Update – version 1.3.23

Dear users,

An update of e-signum is deployed.

Major new features are introduced: the “Firm” offer for managing a library of stamps, improvements to the exhibits stamping tool, including a new automatic sorting function, and a redesign of our help center and support service.

  1. Firm” licence with stamps library

A new premium offer for firms is being launched. It allows you to save several stamps in an online library and to choose which of them will be applied during each stamping operation. Priced at €19.90 per month of use, this licence comes with two free stamps and has the same advantages as the previous premium offer, i.e. an unlimited number of case files processed each month as well as the downloading of your stamps. Of course, we continue to charge only for the months during which e-signum is used.

The “Firm” licence allows you to add new stamps to the library by subscribing to the “1 stamp” pay-as-you-use offer at €2.99 excluding VAT. A stamp creation credit is then added to the account (up to a maximum of 20 stamps per account). Subscribers who have created several stamps before the update and who subscribe to the “Firm” licence will see all their creations conserved and automatically available in their library.

The current premium offer has been renamed the “Individual” licence and keeps its features, with the exception of the renewal of stamp modification credits which is progressively eliminated. Thus, users remaining on the “Individual” licence will keep their current stamp modification credits, but these credits will only be renewed one last time when their subscription expires. One stamp modification is still offered with the first upgrade to the “Individual ” licence and can be purchased during the licence period via the “1 stamp” pay-as-you-use offer.

For more information, you can consult our new general terms and conditions of use and sale (available on our website or via this link: 🔗) or contact our support service.

  1. Exhibits stamping

Automatic sorting

A magic button has appeared on the exhibits stamping tool: “Automatic sorting”! It allows you to automatically sort the ehibits and assign them to the corresponding subgroups.

In order for the automatic sorting to work, the name of each uploaded file must include a number and then, separated from the “_” character (usually called underscore), the desired title for the exhibit, i.e.:

Examples for exhibit no 1:

  • 1_Title of the exhibit
  • 01_Title of the exhibit

If the file is to be attached to a particular subgroup, it must include a double numbering: that of the subgroup and then, as a separator, the character “. (dot) or a “-” (dash), that of the part and, lastly, separated once again by the character “_”, the desired title for the exhibit, i.e. :

Examples for exhibit 2.1 :

  • 2-1_Title of the exhibit
  • 2.1_Title of the exhibit

In both cases, the numbering can, if the user wishes, be preceded by a prefix in letters and without special characters such as “PJ” (prefix whose use is requested by the Télérecours website documentation).


  • PJ1_Title of the exhibit
  • PJ2_Title of the exhibit

For more information, you can watch our explanatory video or consult the article “How to use automatic sorting?” available on our help documentation or via this link: 🔗.

New options

New options have been added to the exhibits stamping tool:

  • Possibility of not proceeding with the automatic formatting of exhibits titles as requested by Télérecours (deletion of diacritics, certain special characters, etc.),
  • Possibility of not numbering the exhibits, in order to proceed to a “blank” stamping with the only stamp.

Interface improvement

The interface of the part stamping tool has been improved:

  • Moving subgroups is now possible by simple drag and drop,
  • Exhibits numbering is more intuitive.
  1. Dynamic Stamp

The stamp creation tool has been improved with a new option to choose the colour of the stamp and the text.

The desgin of the tool has also been improved to better guide the user through the stamp creation process.

  1. Help center and chat

In order to allow our team to be even more reactive and adapted to your needs:

  • Our help documentation has been reworked, completed and transferred to a new platform,
  • The chat has also been updated and is now directly linked to this platform.

For more information, you can consult our help documentation available on our website or directly via this link: 🔗.

We thank you for your fidelity.

Rest assured that we are continuing to develop e-signum and to ensure regulation monitoring in order to provide you with the best possible support.

See you soon,
The e-signum team
Corentin, Franck and Rémi