Update – version 1.5

Dear users,

The e-signum application has been updated to optimize the exhibits stamping tool by allowing to preview and place the stamp precisely and independtly on each exhibit, to stamp only the first page of the exhibits and to save a choise of options as default settings.

1. Preview and adjust location of the stamp on each exhibit

On the exhibits stamping tool, it is now possible to preview the first page of each exhibit and to place the stamp precisely on it.

To do this, click on the icon of the exhibit you wish to preview.

The first page of this exhibit will then appear on your screen with your stamp. You can drag and drop the stamp by selecting it with a long click.

Your files remain only on the device through which you use e-signum and are only transmitted to our servers once you click on the “Send” button. The files are then stored for the sole duration of the script execution, for a maximum of 10 minutes, until your stamped and numbered exhibits are downloaded.

2. Stamping of the first page of each exhibit

In the additional options of the exhibits stamping tool, it is now possible, at the user’s option, to stamp only the first page of each exhibit.

3. Save your options as default settings

The options selected by default when launching the Part Stamping Tool can now be changed. To do this, once you have selected your preferred options on this tool, click on “Save the options”.

We thank you for your fidelity.

Rest assured that we are continuing to develop e-signum and to ensure regulation monitoring in order to provide you with the best possible support.

See you soon, The e-signum team Corentin, Franck and Rémi