Dynamic stamp creation

When modifying the stamp, it is now possible to preview the changes before confirming them.

Further customisation features have also been added, such as the creation of rectangular and square stamps, as well as the ability to change the shape and thickness of the stamp outline.

The new dynamic stamp tool is still in trial version and the previous stamp tool remains available.

Case files management

  • Exhibits numbers can now be incremented by long clicking on the numbering arrow,
  • Renumbering an exhibit no longer leads to its automatic movement in the list of exhibits.


The months during which the e-signum application is not used are free of charge. Until now, the premium subscription fee was charged from the day of subscription and at the beginning of each new 30-day period. At the end of any period in which the application was not used, the subscription fee was refunded.

In order to improve the visibility of our billing, payment is now made only after the months of use.

For subscribers who have already taken out a premium subscription at the date of this update, the scheme is being progressively implemented.

More specifically:

  • on the day before their next monthly due date, premium subscribers will receive an invoice for €0.00 confirming the switch to the new billing system,
  • at each subsequent monthly due date, the premium subscription amount will be invoiced only if the e-signum application has been used since the previous due date,
  • data on the consumption of the e-signum application will be included on each invoice.

Thus, it will no longer be necessary to “advance” the amount of the premium subscription for the current month. Billing for the months of use of the application only will remain guaranteed, without any refund.


  • both the amount of the premium subscription (€9.90 excl. VAT) and the terms and conditions for cancelling it (via your profile > manage my subscription) remain unchanged,
  • upon request to our support team, the monthly due date of the premium subscription can be changed (for example, to the 1st day of each month).


Generate one file per exhibit (decree no. 2020-1245)

Pursuant to the provisions of Article R. 411-5 of the Code of Administrative Justice, in its redaction resulting from decree no. 2020-1245 of October 9, 2020, applicable as of January 1, 2021, users of Télérecours and Télérecours citoyens must transmit “each exhibit in a separate file, failing which [their] request will be inadmissible“. Each exhibit must bear “a title describing its contents in a sufficiently explicit manner” and “beginning with the serial number assigned to the exhibit it contains by the list of exhibits“. Télérecours users will therefore no longer be able to communicate their exhibits via a single file identifying each exhibit by a bookmark.

As a result, e-signum’s case file management tool has been updated. In accordance with the above-mentioned provisions, it now allows users to download each of the exhibits in a separate PDF file.

Merging of exhibits on option

Optionally, each user can always choose to merge all of their stamped exhibits into a single PDF file. A bookmark is then automatically placed on the first page of each exhibit, allowing quick reference to each exhibit via a digital summary.

This PDF file containing all the exhibits can be communicated to the judicial courts which, unlike administrative courts, do not require each document to be communicated in a separate file.

Improvement of the interface

In order to ensure an ever simpler access and use, the interface of the case file management tool has been improved.

From now on :

  • Tooltips specify the content of certain options and which options (selected by default) are mandatory to produce exhibits that comply with Télérecours specifications,
  • Advanced options are organized by categories (stamp, numbering, bookmarks, file) for faster identification.


Modification of the interface
The interface for merging exhibits/case file management was redesigned to make your work even easier. Multiple options have been grouped together in the same menu. The addition of subset(s) is made more readable. Lastly, a “help for use” was added to take full advantage of the application’s features.

Multiple exhibits selection

It is now possible to make mass moves of files. A simple click/move authorizes this multiple selection. It is also possible to select several documents using Ctrl+Click, or to hold the click for a few seconds by delimiting a frame on the different exhibits.